desire, needs or ambition?

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Yani’s post got me thinking, which is more selfish? desire, needs or ambition?
let’s check the dictionary first…

de·sire [di z�?�r]

vt (past de·sired, past participle de·sired, present participle de·sir·ing, 3rd person present singular de·sires)

1. wish for: to want something very strongly

n (plural de·sires)

1. craving: a wish, craving, or longing for something

[13th century. Via Old French from Latin desiderare , perhaps originally “to wish upon a star,�? from the stem sider- “star�? (source of English consider and sidereal).]


adv (archaic)

1. emphasizing necessity: used before or after “must�? to reinforce necessity, urgency, or inevitability “any abstract ideas that are once true must needs be eternal�?John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding1690

[am b�sh’n]


1. desire for success: a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things

[14th century. Via French , from Latin ambitio , from ambire “to canvass for votes, go around,�? from ire “to go�? (source of English exit).]

Well, to think of it, it’s kinda hard to decide.. which is more selfish.

I think that desire is the basic nature of humanity. To want something, to have passion, even for sex. It comes with conscience. But desire is the will that comes even before you want something. I think that it is natural and fundamental in every human’s heart. So I guess it’s not to be blamed to be tagged as selfish.

What about needs? I think that needs then came right after desire. If men have the desire that push him to another step forward. If he want something more materialistic than just pulses of intuitions. With this, sometimes he must compromise to repress his conscience. He became egoistically forcing himself to own something, to get something. Needs is the factor that pushes men to do things he sometimes didn’t want to do but yet he did it, just to get the compensations. Is it selfish? absolutely maybe.

Ambition. This urge came actually when men usually got all that he needs, yet he still want more. This is where the egoistic side of him takes control of himself. I’m not saying that it is a negative thing, and it could be a positive thing, but i think it’s is definitely selfish. You want to accomplishes something to get more and more.

So. Which is more selfish? I say.. Ambition.

I always repress myself not to go that far to have an ambition, and I want to avoid to have needs, but i will always rely on my desires. Because for me, desire is thing that makes you human. To wish upon a star.


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